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    Cityville 2 Decoration List


    Welcome to CityVille 2, Mayor! A new 3D city is yours to build, customize, and control, with a colorful cast of characters waiting to meet you. Grow your population and expand your city with towering skyscrapers, thriving businesses, and unique districts for your citizens and friends to enjoy!

    As day turns to night, see your city in a whole new way! Select different camera views to check out the newest cars and trucks zooming through your customized districts. Be prepared! Don't let a bank robbery or house fire keep you from solving the big ”whodunit” mystery unfolding before your eyes. The city is yours, but who is pulling the strings?

    Chat with your friends in real time, and share photos of your city with friends as you create your own fantasy cityscape. Visit neighbors to enjoy special VIP rewards in their cities, or check out the leaderboards to see how your city measures up. Excitement is building in CityVille 2!
    Below is the list of Wiki guide for Cityville 2 Decoration items. The items are categorized into six: Parks, nature, accessories, landmarks, paths and bonus providers.

    Parks help you level up your districts faster and provide new items for your houses!
    Cityville 2 Park Decoration
    The outline of a park. Place other park objects inside.
    Cityville 2 Small Park Decoration
    Perfect for drum circles and pigeon watching.
    Cityville 2 Rocky retreat Decoration
    A nice park to seat and ponder life's mysteries in.
    Cityville 2 Quaint park Decoration
    Relax and watch the kids play on swing set.
    Cityville 2 Modern fountain Decoration
    Toss in some coins and make a wish!

    Cityville 2 Log Decoration
    Its big, its heavy, its wood.
    Cityville 2 White flowerbed Decoration
    Never stay white for long.
    Cityville 2 Pink flowerbed Decoration
    Ooooo pretty
    Cityville 2 Purple flowerbed Decoration
    Attracts the most butterflies.
    Cityville 2 Multicolor flowerbed Decoration
    So many colors!

    If there are any new or missing decorations, share with us in the reply below.
    If you have any other information regarding Cityville 2 Decoration List please share your Ideas and post it here.
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