Valentineís Day is coming soon. And in the free-to-play strategy
Anno Online, a new update was just released to celebrate this festival. In addition, the update also introduces and revises some features in game.

The Valentineís Event adds new quests, items, and a new currency to the real time strategy game, all centered around love, roses, and hearts, obviously. Three chains of each 7 quests will reward players with one Friendship Bracelet upon completion. Players will receive Hearts for completing a quest, which is the main currency for this event and can be used to buy other items in the shop.

In Spread the Love, players will search for couples on an island and make sure that they are married. This chain also adds Roses and Chocolate to the game. Ten roses create a Rose Bouquet, which displays a pink buff effect on a friendís building. Chocolate increases the output of the building that it is applied to by 1 over the course of 10 hours. In order to produce chocolate, players will either need to purchase chocolate recipes in the shop or construct the Love Garden which costs 4950 Hearts and produces one recipe every 12 hours.