How to get or how to breed Titan Dragon? Here are some Dragon Story Titan dragon breeding guide including the Titan Dragon breeding time, hatching time, incubation time, level requirement, rarity of the Titan dragon (common, rare, or super rare), as well as the Titan dragon type or color type of dragons needed to breed Titan dragon in Dragon Story.

Pictures and images of Titan dragon egg and Titan dragon baby form:

Titan Dragon
Titan Dragon Level requirement: 10
Titan Dragon Rarity: Rare
Titan Dragon breeding time: 32 hours
Color Type of Dragons to breed Titan Dragon: Red Type Dragon, Purple Type Dragon

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Dragon Story Titan Dragon will be available on level 10 with Rare rarity. You'll have to wait for breeding time of 32 hours for it to incubate and hatch. You'll have to breed Red Type Dragon, Purple Type Dragon color type together to get Titan Dragon.

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