Nintendo has unveiled that their Wii console will be getting an update in the form of some minification. The Wii Mini was added to the gaming companies page after it was outed by Best Buy Canada yesterday. The update to the Nintendo web pages bring pricing, images and hardware specs with it.

The Wii Mini will be priced at an incredible $99.99 and it will launch December 7th, 2012 making it just in time for Christmas in Canada. As of now the console will be exclusive to Canada and I'm not too sure why that is but I guess we might figure out soon. There are no plans to bring the console to other nations. If you head over to the Nintendo site you will see lots of images of the console as well as some specs such as the Wii being compatible with some 1,400 titles.

The Wii Mini is a red console, it will come with a WiiMote and Nunchuck controller. Nintendo did neglect to insert a tiny WiFi antennae though so you won't be able to browse the net on it. You'll also not be able to play GameCube games from the disc as the backwards compatibility has been removed. Many of the classic GameCube titles are available for download on the console so you won't be left hanging in the GameCube realm.

Ron Bertram, the head of Nintendo Canada said that the Wii Mini offers “Great value for first-time Wii owners who just want to jump in and experience all the great Wii games that helped usher in a revolution in motion-controlled gaming.”

I like the price point that Nintendo have gone after and I like the overall idea of the console. Obviously it won't sell incredibly in a country with a population shy of 40 million but if Nintendo were to expand on deliveries of the Wii Mini I think they'd do good in the States and Europe.

What's your take on the Wii Mini?