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    Items List

    List of all items / equipments / recipes in HOC (Heroes of Order and Chaos).



    - Physical Attack (P-Atk):

    - Attack Speed (Atk-S):

    - Harvest HP (Harv.):

    - Critical (Crt):

    - Magic Attack (M-Atk):

    - Maximum MP (MaxMP):

    - MP Regeneration (M-Reg):

    - Leech HP (Leech)

    - Physical Defense (PhyDf):

    - Magical Defense (MgDef):

    - Maximum HP (MaxHP):

    - HP Regeneration (HPReg):

    If there are any new items / equipments in HOC (Heroes of Order and Chaos) game, this list of all items will be updated, or else you guys can help me to add the missing or newly added items in the replies below.
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    Aeron, good list but I have a couple of questions.

    Firstly what is meant by Reaper's Glove recipe; does this imply that if you buy the Night Blade + Blackpool Scythe then you will receive the same effects as buying the Reaper's Glove on it's own?

    Also I have been buying the Savage Boots because of the HP Harvest which I find helpful but I never seem to receive any HP from this item; I'm I missing something.


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    For Reaper's Glove recipe, you need to buy Night Blade + Blackpool Scythe before you are able to get Reaper's Glove. The effect you receive may not be the same after combining (usually with better effect, as you need extra money to combine Night Blade and Blackpool Scythe into Reaper's Glove).

    HP Harvest is life stealing, which means you will get a certain percentage of hp from the damage you've done to enemies (HP harvest for physical damage, and Life leech for magical damage). In order words, HP Harvest will be useless for Mage, and Life Leech will be useless for fighters.

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