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Thread: Nintendo 64 vs. Playstation: Which Was Better? - Nintendo 64 Chat (View Game Forum)

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    Nintendo 64 vs. Playstation: Which Was Better?

    This topic isn't intended to be a console war of any type. I've played both the Nintendo 64 and Playstation system and I have different memories of them both. The memories are mostly positive ones too. I do remember when I first got my Playstation that many people had believed that it was better because it supported CDs and Nintendo still had their games in cartridge form during that time. On the other hand, the Nintendo 64 had 64 bit graphics compared to the 32 bit graphics that the Playstation supported. I admit that I was more of a Playstation gamer during that time period, but that was only because my sister owned a Nintendo 64 and I was the person in the family who owned the Playstation. I just had more experience with the system that I owned. I can't rightfully say which system was better than the other one either because both had a great library of video games. The only thing I remember disliking about the Nintendo 64 was its controller. Other than that I loved the system. So did you have a favorite during that generation of game systems. Did you like the Nintendo 64 or Playstation better?
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    I like the N64. Its graphics were better, even if the controller sucked big time. Take the Ocarina of Time, the best Zelda game till Twilight Princess, made TEN YEARS LATER. Playstation was a big bet as the first console by Sony but....nintendo 64 rocked back then

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