Need help with Match #11: Road Dogg & Billy Gunn vs. The Road Warriors in the Rise of DX story of Attitude Era Mode. Below you’ll see the basic objectives of the match and what items are unlocked if you successfully.

Match # 11: Road Dogg & Billy Gunn vs. The Road Warriors

Match Objectives:
1. Win the Match

Historical Bonus Objectives:

1. When Hawk is the legal tag partner, get his damage to moderate.
2. Succeed at the WWE Attitude Moment.
3. Strike Hawk with the tag team title (by the announcer table) before the ref wakes up.
4. Win by pinfall with Billy Gunn pinning Animal.

Unlocked Items:

1. Animal
2. Hawk
3. Bonus Match # 3: 1/12/1998
Feel free to offer any helpful tips on how to successfully complete this match. Visit the WWE ’13 Attitude Era Mode Rise of DX Story Guide to view all of the matches of this story in Attitude Era Mode.