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Thread: Watch video ads to get free farm cash on Farmville - FarmVille (View Game Forum)

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    Watch video ads to get free farm cash on Farmville

    You can earn 4 farm cash very easily when you play farmville now. A pop-up will request you to click and watch an advertisement of a new Zynga game, Bubble Safari which only takes a minute to load and ends in just 29 seconds. Then the 4FV will be given to you there and then, no need to wait. And it seems that you can watch it again for several times and earn 4FV each time just by clicking on the "Earn Free Farm Cash" icon which appears on the top left-hand corner of your farm. Some of my friends watched 6 times and got 24FV, but I managed only 4 times before the icon disappeared. And one of my friends just got 2FV each time...

    I wonder if there is a bug somewhere, but I will be looking out for the icon each time I load onto my game. Maybe it will appear again tomorrow??
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    Yipee! Got another 8FV for free today when I loaded onto Farmville and watched the 29 sec. advertisement of Bubble Safari again. I got to watch only twice today and get 4FV each time before the 'Earn Free Farm Cash' icon disappeared. A few of my friends got to watch four times, earning a total of 16FV.

    I don't know for how many days this will continue but I will be checking on it everyday. Don't miss out!!

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