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    Is The Nintendo Wii Worth Buying?

    The Worth of the Wii

    I don't own the Nintendo Wii but I always wanted to buy one and see what owning the system was like. My brother has a Nintendo Wii and he really enjoys the system, but I've been a little bit cautious when it comes to buying one. I also want to insure that I have time to play the system considering that I play the Playstation 3 more than I do any other system. The impressive library that the Nintendo Wii offers is what drew me to the system. Games such as Super Smash Bros. Brawl, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and many others caught my attention of course. I wasn't sure though and I'd like to have a bit more experience with the system first. I know that I enjoy playing it whenever I do with him or my neighbor. I suppose that I'll look things over and make my choice soon.

    Do you think that the Nintendo Wii is worth buying?

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    I was elated when I first got my Wii. It was my very first console! I purchesed three games almost immediately. Only one was good.
    The Wii is amazing but there are a lot of fake games out there. Games that make you drop forty bucks and wish you didn't. But the Wii has amazing nintendo games and combined with its other features, simply rocks.

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