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    Goodgame Big Farm Review

    This is the Goodgame Big Farm game review forum for everyone to comment, critic, vote, and share Goodgame Big Farm gameplay review with any good or bad feedback and rating in playing this game.

    You can share your personal gameplay experience and opinion such as is Goodgame Big Farm a good game and fun to play? How do you think about the release of this game? Do you like and enjoy playing it? Is Goodgame Big Farm worth it (worth buying or worth your free time playing)?

    Please write your review in further detail (not too short) by explaining why you think this game is good or bad.

    Besides Goodgame Big Farm game review, you can contribute to reviews of other free online games, MMO online games, and fun game apps listed in Games Dreams Forum.

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    Do not put any money into this game. They will trick you into loosing the gold you purchase with real money.

    I played this game for quite a few months. I could tell that the game was not fair for those who played the free version but I played anyway and went quite high in levels. Everything costs gold and you have to put money into it to get gold. You can build up gold but it takes a long time unless you put in real money to buy it.

    Then they put things in the game to trick you out of your gold. When one new feature took most of my hard earned gold away by mistake, I contacted them right away. They were unwilling to do anything. They tried to say that a few hundred gold coins would ruin there business. I think what would ruin there business is not treating there customers well.

    This is an unfair game and weeks of work can be lost with a click of the mouse.

    Do not play this game.

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    I have been playing Big Farm for 6+ months and in that time the game has devolved a number of times.

    The developers and their mods are dishonest, refuse to answer questions directly (if at all) and have the game structured so that gold needs to be purchased if you want to advance.

    The game is riddled with bugs, updates are extremely poorly thought through and many of the players have a better grasp of mathematics than the developers which is evident while playing or by reading through the forums.

    Glitches (which there are many) are not all that you need to worry about as they have very cleverly designed the features of the game so that “accidental” gold purchases can be made if you move the mouse even 1 mm off target OR if there is ANY game lag, and if you complain there are 2 responses you get; You made the error so we cannot refund you or As it is not a problem with the game there will be no refund issued.

    If your reading through comments to see what people think about games you might possibly play, RUN, RUN VERY FAR FROM THIS GAME. While it is fun for a little while all the new changes made make this game more of a chore than fun.

    The Good Game Empire is a train wreck happening in slow motion. You get what you pay for and GG pays peanuts so they get monkey’s.

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