This is my first post on this website so I wanted to kick it off with a bang. This is a release of my first version of this tool.

The tool is called PlentyFullAccounts/Accounts Galore. Basically what it does is gets the password to any username for nearly any piece of popular software you want. It covers the following password recoveries:
More Coming In The Future Updates.

Its very easy to use. Just simply open the tool, enter the username in to the username box, Select what account type it is from the drop down box (Steam, Minecraft etc) and click on the "Gain Pass" button. Wait until the password recovery process has been completed and it will display the account login information on your screen!

Please report any bugs to me ASAP and I will fix them ASAP.

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?kpzchk3du0c1d3n

This is the first version of the tool so there might be a few bugs however nothing major. Please report any bugs.

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