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Thread: Useful Tips for Nemo's Reef - Nemo's Reef (View Game Forum)

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    Quote Originally Posted by hollyhocks99 View Post
    I am only hitting "okay" and not "withdraw" - I was thinking I may have hit withdraw accidentally the first time, but I didn't get the day 4 reward of 2 pearls that time , nor did I get 1 pearl yesterday (yesterday was day 3, today should have been day 4). Plus it stuck on day 1 for two days. It had been working perfectly until the alert for the new items showed up on the right of the daily bonus alert. Is your daily bonus still showing them on the right? Mine is, maybe its just stuck in a glitch...
    Neither "withdraw" nor "okay" worked for me. My pearl count does not change.

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    I finally broke down and did a complete overhaul of the reef. I didn't want all the "like" things together but with the expansion, there is frankly too much to keep up with and grouping them together saves TONS of time. Once I tightened everything up and moved all the worthless ornamental/rare plants over to the expansion (along with the specials like the Tiki Hut), I find I have assloads of space. I also now know how many of everything I have, which is nice. I wish they would tell you that in the nursery - "You have 7 Bubble Corals...You have 0 Giant Green Grass...etc. I kept all my combinations intact and love that I can group them together and get more bang with less plants. Before I had the same combinations spread all over - this way I could consolidate and save space (especially with the plants I think are ugly like the Marine Shrubs).

    After all the planting I did yesterday, I earned around 30,000XP today and did virtually nothing. Except for the moving - I think I might sue Disney for my finger cramps... I'm wary of planting much more, despite all the space. Does anyone know if we get another expansion or is Level 23 the last one? I don't want to use up all this crazy extra space and then find out I need it for 83 more levels (seriously, does this game EVER end??)...

    As for new combinations, I tried all the blue stuff together...all the purple...all the yellow... I didn't get anything from those but I didn't add in the specials because I'm sick of doing it - ha! As someone posted above, it doesn't seem to do anything for your reef except attract little school fish and they're the same ones I already have so I guess I'm not going to worry about it.

    When I leveled up to 23, my rare fish dropped to 95% which implies that I'm missing a fish. I find this odd because I have every rare plant listed in the nursery. For those of you above me (maybe you Tiffers?) am I missing something? Here are the rare fish that I have at this point:

    Green Parrotfish - Pink Emperor Angelfish - Yellow Lionfish - Yellow Dusky Batfish - Green Trumpetfish - Orange Dusky Batfish - (there's a blank space here - looks like a trumpetfish) - Short Brown Seamoth - White Clown Frogfish - Orange Lionfish - (there's another blank, looks like a Seamoth) - Olive Mandarinfish - Red Trumpetfish - Red Clown Frogfish - Red Parrotfish - Blue Emperor Angelfish - (the rest are blank, looks like a Frogfish, Angelfish, Seamoth, Lionfish, Mandarinfish)

    Missing 7 in all. Any ideas as to the missing fish at Level 23 when all my available rare plants have been grown?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gamer168 View Post
    thanks modmodder and tiffers. tried both of your suggestions and still no luck. i'm totally clueless on why we're unsuccessful in keeping the white seahorse.
    Someone earlier said that you have to have a certain number of rocks and stones and whatnot in the reef before it will stay. Maybe drop a few new Rocks, Boulders, Flat Rocks, and Heaps of Stones into the reef and see if that works - it worked for someone else. I haven't seen it yet and I'm on 23.

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    Argh, I'm going to be stuck on level 22 for ages!! No more room to plant more stuff, and no new tasks to complete or xp points. Only 100k worth of tapping to do...

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    thanks alik. we're currently on level 21 and we've tried putting in more rocks, boulders, flat rock, and heap of stones but still no luck. even replicated tiffers exact location of the rocks and silver bubble coral and still not luck. not sure but will keep trying... on a separate note, saw a yellow octopus during a random friend visit--that's cool.

    update: finally we got to keep the white seahorse. i replicated tiffer's exact location by planting a new silver bubble coral and planting a new rock. thanks everybody for your help. happy tapping!
    Last edited by gamer168; 01-15-2013 at 07:32 AM.

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    Does anybody know how I keep the Orange dusky batfish?? I can;t work it out - thanks in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kennxx View Post
    Does anybody know how I keep the Orange dusky batfish?? I can;t work it out - thanks in advance
    once you have it, you have it. it is not a guest but a special you obtained for getting a rare plant. so no need to plant anything for it to stay

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    Please can someone help me. I have been trying to keep the white seahorse since last Thursday. I have tried all the suggestions here and also on chapter cheats. More rocks, less rocks, new coral, all of them, none of them work. If you would like to check out my reef bluerobin1 and give suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. Right now I have my rocks and coral in the exact place as on tiffersreef but still no seahorse. Thanks for your help

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    Woke up this morning and harvested over 10,000 XP The new setup and high-yield plants is working well. Now I just have to plant a few more high-yield plants - 167k, here I come LOL!

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    I just got it - i planted a silver bubble coral and put four normal rocks around it (one either side and one at front and back) - this worked for me

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    Thank you Louise - I was worried it would swim away!

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    Feel free to visit my reef - it is called Kennxx

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    Senior Member Patrick's Avatar
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    Please help!!
    I am in Level 18 and just completed the two first tasks. Now the reef should expand but nothing happened, no new space was added. Is this a bug or do I something wrong or did I misunderstood that there will be more space?
    THANKs for any hint!!!

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    Unfortunately the promised expansion never comes Perhaps why the one at level 23 is so darn big - it's a combo of the level 18 supposed expansion and the level 23 one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by alik View Post
    Woke up this morning and harvested over 10,000 XP The new setup and high-yield plants is working well. Now I just have to plant a few more high-yield plants - 167k, here I come LOL!
    I get just short of 12000 exp per hour, and I don't want it !!! I'm levelling to fast and can't get the rare plants or fish to keep up with the rising levels. I just want money and algae lol. I have a mix of all the plants but the rest of my reef is made up of 1 hour tube corals and 1 hour blue mushrooms. Good for Xp not so good on the cash front. And if I dig them up I can't afford to replace them as I'm splashing all my cash on mystery seeds :/ I'm half way through lvl 23 and kind of want to stay here while I catch up on my rare plants and fish guess I need higher paying plants that give of less exp to counter my existing problem that's doing the opposite

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