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Thread: Useful Tips for Nemo's Reef - Nemo's Reef (View Game Forum)

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    The enigmatic seed is a mystery seed that costs 10,000 sand dollars, 2,000 algae, but only takes 1 hour for each growth.
    Compared to the mystery seed which at Level 20 costs 1,200 sand dollars, 200 algae, 3.5 hours for each growth.

    You need to add a yellow pillow to keep the yellow jellyfish. I read somewhere else where you need three together.

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    Great post alik, thanks for starting this. Send me a PM so I can add you, and compare our reef progress from time to time / exchange notes.

    Here's the deal folks: Up to level 18 this is an easy game, with fast rewards to get you hooked. After level 18 however, this game becomes quite different. You'll need strategy to succeed.

    To progress fast, you need to level fast. The nursery gives you sand dollar and algae costs, but it doesn't give you the most important information you need -- EXPERIENCE per plant.

    Below are the EXPERIENCE values of all the LIVING and CORAL available at Level 18 -- note these are in the same order as the Nursery:


    Yellow Table Plant 2xp 2sd per 30s
    Giant Seabush 8xp 5sd per 4m
    Red Sponge Don't Know -- Costs Pearls (TBD)
    Orange Sponge 25xp 10sd per 1hr
    Yellow Bed 35xp 25sd per 6hr
    Yellow Plateau 60xp 30sd per 12hr
    Giant Brown 10xp 10sd per 30m
    Blue Pipe Don't Know -- Costs Pearls (TBD)
    Maroon Pipe 30xp 30sd per 2hr
    Yellow Small 90xp 50sd per 12hr
    Giant Green Don't Know -- Costs Pearls (TBD)
    Orange Plateau 16xp 10sd per 20m


    Fan Coral 1xp 2al per 30s
    Fruit Loop 2xp 3al per 1m
    Violet Brain Don't Know -- Costs Pearls (TBD)
    Sunset Cup 4xp 5al per 5m
    Blue Mushroom 20xp 10al per 1hr
    Brain 70xp 45al per 24hr
    Orange Pillar Don't Know -- Costs Pearls (TBD)
    Green Mushroom 30xp 15al per 5m
    Carnation 70xp 30al per 12hr
    Pillar 16xp 5al per 30m
    Xmas Tree 40xp 22al per 6hr
    Green Bubble 45xp 25al per 8hr
    Bamboo Coral 80xp 50al per 24hr
    Silver Bubble 12xp 6al per 15m
    Fire 20xp 5al per 30m
    Cup 60xp 15al per 6hr

    There are two ways to "beat" this game:

    Option 1 -- you have a ton of time and want to GRIND it out quickly. If this is the case, build 200 YELLOW TABLE PLANTS and 200 FAN CORALS. This would take you at most one day of harvesting whatever current LIVING + CORAL plants you have, selling them, and switching over. There is no need to sell the non-producing, decorative plants. Most people with a level 18 reef can produce 10-20k Sand Dollars and 10-20k Algae per day anyway and have a decent amount of resources saved up, so again the switch wouldn't be difficult. Yes, there is enough reef space for 200 of each plant and you still get a little extra space to do the Saturday challenges and the occasional quests. If you are grinding continuously for 1 hour, the Option 1 maximum theoretical output is 72,000 XP + 48,000 Algae + 48,000 Sand Dollars in ONE HOUR. Of course the actual output would be somewhat lower, but the point is that Fan Corals and Table Plants have very high cycle rates, so if you have 1-2 hours a day to do this, there is simply no better solution for fast leveling + dollars + algae. None. Keep in mind that this option is also feasible for players with limited time but that LOVE to grind - they can still make huge progress with this strategy.

    Option 2 -- you have limited free time and want to maximize your LIMITED time actually PLAYING the game - i.e. grinding is not for you. Here too the solution is simple. I encourage you, and CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH, that you see this for yourself. Look at the table above, and load up your game. I've given you the XP amounts, now go to the Nursery and look at the actual costs (Sand Dollar + Growing/Algae) of the plants shown above. In the LIVING section you will quickly realize that YELLOW PLATEAU and YELLOW SMALL GRASS are by far the most massive single-touch XP producers, and they happen to come with SOLID Sand Dollar production as well. Not only that but they produce TWICE a day. If you are resource rich GO FOR IT -- build yourself up to 200 YELLOW SMALL. This is extremely expensive as they cost 800 Sand Dollars to buy at Level 18 (have not verified if they increase in cost as you level - would be nice to know this) and another 1,200 Algae to grow. But it can be done, if you start with Option 1 and grind out some serious resources. If you ask me though, this is completely infeasible for the majority of players. Which leaves us with the YELLOW PLATEAU plant. This baby costs 150 Sand Dollars and takes 60 Algae total to grow, not to mention only 15 minutes growing time. 200 YELLOW PLATEAU plants will cost you 30,000 Sand Dollars and 12,000 Algae, and if you log in the game twice a day for a minute, will produce 24,000 XP and 12,000 Sand Dollars daily. Beast. Onto the CORAL section... it looks like a heated race between BRAIN, CARNATION, and BAMBOO CORAL for high values of XP as well as Algae production. The decision will be a matter of personal preference. If you are uber resource rich and only want to log in once a day, BAMBOO and forget. If you want the second best bang for your buck and only want to log in once a day, 200 BRAIN CORAL will cost you 22,000 Sand Dollars + 9,000 Algae to grow, and will produce 14,000 XP + 9,000 Algae a day (paying for their Algae cost in one day). If you have a bit more resources and want the absolute maximum bang for your buck though, CARNATION CORAL is your friend. This engine of prosperity costs only 200 Sand Dollars and takes 60 Algae total to grow, though it takes patience at 3 x 45m growing time. To get 200 of these up and running will cost you 40,000 Sand Dollars and 12,000 Algae, and if you log in the game twice a day for a minute, will produce 28,000 XP and 12,000 Algae daily. Remember, you're already loading the game twice to harvest the YELLOW PLATEAU PLANTS, so the CARNATION CORAL will fit in perfectly to the daily cycle.

    In summary: 200 YELLOW PLATEAU PLANTS + 200 CARNATION CORALS = 52,000 XP + 12,000 Sand Dollars + 12,000 Algae per day (two visits required). This will keep you coming back to the game in the long run, even if you don't have alot of time, allowing you to gain the daily play carryover bonus (up to 5 pearls every few days), as well as focus on the Saturday challenges with full energy and resources (in my opinion these are the most fun part of the game -- and appear to be the quickest way to unlock every fish as well). Some may think this is a shortcut but I completely disagree -- it takes a great deal of time and energy to get this suggested reef up and running -- I would estimate close to a week of planning and rearranging to achieve.

    I hope to post more stuff soon as I discover more things about this great game (which I intend to fully beat). Also I'll try to post some pics of the 'rfx strategy' reef at some point. Thanks for reading! If this guide helps you, please help me -- try to share whatever information you've discovered on VITALITY. I think I've figured out how it works, and how to maximize it, but I'd love to hear everyone's view on this as the vitality component is still a bit of a mystery to me, and it appears to make a huge difference in the game.

    If you want me to add you as a friend in game and check your reef out, feel free to post your game name as well and I'll make sure to visit sometime.


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    White Seahorse

    To keep the white seahorse you need 2 brain corals surrounded by rocks, flat rocks and piles of stones.

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    White seahorse (easier)

    Quote Originally Posted by Bunnyc View Post
    To keep the white seahorse you need 2 brain corals surrounded by rocks, flat rocks and piles of stones.
    Just wanna say 1st that this is the ONLY place with HELPFUL tips on this game which i have been totally addicted to for the past week. ;D

    I'm at level 19 (so close to 20) but my reef is more of the "real/pretty" variety. I got the white seahorse and not the sea jelly so far but how i kept my seahorse was by placing a silver bubble coral on the edge of my reef and put 2 rocks (regular kind) in front of it (on the side with most of the reef). also later you can put some more corals around the area and the seahorse does not mind.

    as to vitality, i thought I had it figured out but when i level up it drops down, even if i have the same amount of rares, corals, and plants...

    my reef is: tiffersreef
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    Quote Originally Posted by tiffers View Post
    as to vitality, i thought I had it figured out but when i level up it drops down, even if i have the same amount of rares, corals, and plants...
    I think that your percentages go down because as you level up different rare plants (and therefore rare fish) become available.

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    If you have already attracted a friend or rare guest, if you sell what attracted them then do they leave?

    Ie if I sell Dory's teki heads, then will she leave?

    Or if I get a rare plant that attracted a fish and sold it, would the fish leave?

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    Great thread guys, I too have been searching for answers with not much luck hopefully between us all we will figure it out. If I find anything new I will let you all know and thanks to all the posters who have taken the time to add there findings. If you wish to add me ....search ...LouiseBradwell

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    ahhh! Bruce showed up on my reef and scared away all my rares and guest! it's ok because it's a challenge thingy BUT he's asking to find 16 fish but I only have 13 total... although somehow I have found 14 and still can not find one of my guest... anyone have the same problem?

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    Hiya everyone!,

    I'm so loving this game and I've been playing it non stop since I started a few days ago.

    I've had a couple glitches thus far but nothing too terrible.

    Glitch1-Facebook login
    Glitch2- changing the username I agreed to.

    I agreed to some "tapper" -insert a long string of numbers- log in when I first got the game because I didn't know if I'd like or play it for long. Since I've decided I do want to-- on the settings it tells me I do have the option to change it-- however the "go" button is grayed out.

    But that's not why I'm here/posting/signed up to talk to you all <3 You all seem so helpful and amazing I just couldn't help myself!

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    Tiffers- I got bruce as well! Which came as a surprise to me because yesterday(Thursday) I got the message "beware" and to come back on saturday, but then today on friday bruce came swimming in and indeed did scare away all of my fish too! I did manage to get through the task, there are some fish swimming around the reef that are "generic" not a special fish or guest you've gotten but these little ones swimming about, tapping on them plus finding my guests and specials is how I got the task of finding all 16 done. For my the hardest part was finding the seahorses, one was by mistake and the other I tapped on these bubbles that were coming up from a plant randomly and out my green seahorse swam. I know this isn't too detailed but I do hope it helps! xx

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    Tiffers - the easiest way to beat Bruce is to tap every coral and plant you have, but NOT when they are ready for collection. I did this once and foubd 15 fish, then logged in again later to find the last one.

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    Thanks a lot to everybody for the tip! Is there any way to get the friend or they come when planned in the game? I'm on level 18 and desperately waiting for some new "empty" space
    And I'm looking for another 6 fishes Bruce scared away
    Good luck and a lot of fun with the game!!!

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    RFX -

    Ha! I have no idea how to PM you but our Nemo username is claireelane.
    Last edited by alik; 01-05-2013 at 03:52 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiffers View Post
    ahhh! Bruce showed up on my reef and scared away all my rares and guest! it's ok because it's a challenge thingy BUT he's asking to find 16 fish but I only have 13 total... although somehow I have found 14 and still can not find one of my guest... anyone have the same problem?
    It took me forever to find the last one and it was NOT visible when I tapped it... My advice? Tap everywhere - your guests will show up eventually. You don't get anything "good" for passing the challenge anyway - I wouldn't worry about it.

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    Level 20 is a whole other ballgame... I'm getting increasingly irritated with the progression of this game. It's a game for children, right? And here we adults are, struggling to pass the levels... It gets exponentially harder with each level - I'm wondering how Disney really expects children to play at this level. Our daughter has basically given up. She was very excited when Bruce showed up and loved looking for the "scared" fish. She is always interested when we get new fish and likes to plant things, but realistically this game is made for children and yet is too difficult for them. Even Marlin's challenge on this level cannot be done until Level 22. Why offer it if you cannot possibly achieve it??

    Sigh. Nevermind me...I'm just getting annoyed. At level 20, the "Enigmatic Seed" is introduced and the cost is 10,000 SD and then it takes a ton of algae to complete - the challenge is to grow two of them. I have planted my two and got a green cactus and red branches. I was completely livid... When I began this level, the reef's vitality went from 100% rare plants/fish to 65%, so I planted some Extraordinary Mystery Seeds and regular Mystery Seeds with hopes I would attract some new rare fish. Nope.

    I made the same spreadsheet/list a while back that RFX did; I'm now passively playing the game because I'm frankly irritated. So in my fancy new expansion, I planted items with higher XP that would yield every few hours. 92K is a hard number of XP to reach and I'm going to just chill out and make this a more long-term game. My daughter picked some good producers - some Cup Coral, Yellow Plateau, Christmas Tree, Bubble, Yellow Small Grass, etc. RFX had good advice how to level up quickly, however I'm ready to slow it down. I don't want to be obsessively tapping my tablet screen all day (at least not anymore...!). When the challenges were frequent (and doable in that level...), it was more fun and easy to get sucked into playing for hours at a crack. Now the progression is just too slow and the cost is very high.

    Even if I get to the next level, chances are, it's going to be absolutely absurd... I had over 70,000 SD and 60,000 AL when I started this level - now I have half that with all the planting.

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