Need help with Match # 4: Steve Austin vs. Paul Wight in the WrestleMania XV Story of Attitude Era Mode? Below you’ll see the basic objectives of the match and what items are unlocked if you successfully.

Match # 4: Steve Austin vs. Paul Wight

Match Objectives:

1. Win the match

Historical Bonus Objectives:

1. Perform Lou Thesz Press signature move
2. Strike Paul Wight with a chair at least 5 times
3. Avoid getting hit with any finishers
4. Perform a Finisher on Paul Wight and pin in 10 seconds.

Items Unlocked:

1. Bonus Match # 13 – 3/28/1999
Feel free to offer any helpful tips on how to successfully complete this match. Visit the WWE ’13 Attitude Era Mode: WrestleMania XV Story Guide to view all of the matches this story in Attitude Era Mode.