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    Magerealm Rise of Chaos: Brandnew free to play Action MMORPG!

    Magerealm: Rise of Chaos is a brand new Free MMORPG from GTArcade and Youzu Games. The game is a perfect combination of immersive role playing and high-octane action, placing the player in a vibrant world full of adventure and peril while remaining true to the fundamentals of great RPG’s: highly customizable characters, skills, and much more! The world of Magerealm provides infinite possibilities; your legacy is entirely up to you.

    • You Are The Hero – In Magerealm you will find an assortment of Heroes of all shapes and sizes. These heroes will act as your right-hand man so pick carefully which hero best matches your class.
    • Hero Types – Heroes are divided into 3 types. Warrior: Typically melee, high HP with defensive abilities, and some offense. Assassin: High attack and/or crit value, able to quickly deal great damage. Support: Able to provide HP recovery and typical have control skills
    • Your Own Angel – In your journey across Magerealm, you will encounter both the Light and Dark Angel. When the player reaches a certain level, they will be able to activate the Statue of Light and Dark Angel and be able to obtain their own Angel.
    • Achieve It All – The Council of Mages will recognize your growth and noble actions with achievement rewards. Once you fulfilled all the achievement requirements for a medal, you will receive a handsome reward and advance to the next medal.
    • Stronger Together – The Guild system in Magerealm provides a close-knit community for players, with of numerous activities to tackle solo or enjoy with friends.

    Play Magerealm for free!
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    I 'm playing it is also very attractive: You Are The Hero

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