When the Gameboy Color was released in the United States, I basically stopped playing my original Gameboy. The original Gameboy was the system that I had the most memories with though. This was the system that I spent hours playing games such as: Super Mario Land, Batman, Operation C, and many other games on. I still have my original Gameboy packed away, but out of nostalgia I want to try to play my old Gameboy games on my old Gameboy.

I know that the issue of going from looking at handheld games in color back to the monochromatic scheme of the original Gameboy may be a problem. To be honest though, I don't think that I'd mind it too much. I'm going to imagine that it's the old days and I'm playing the games again. I already expect for a family member to view me playing it and make a comment as to why I'm choosing to play my old handheld. As a true gamer, I don't think I could resist.

Does anyone else ever think about playing their old Gameboy?