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Thread: How to play Facebook flash games on tablets and phones - Facebook Games Chat (View Game Forum)

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    How to play Facebook flash games on tablets and phones

    I use my I pad, android tablet, and phone for gaming ....

    I've actualy stopped using my laptop !!

    A lot of people do not know you can play flash games on all your devices ...

    Lots of people ask me how I play games on all my devices ....

    The app is called Puffin free browser ...

    I suggest to play the games in full screen / theater mode for maximum results

    Android has a 30 day free trial still I believe .
    But it's also very cheap to buy
    around 1.99 usd a year for Apple from I tunes store

    around . 99 cents use for 6 month subscription for android from Google play store...

    Just sharing for those who may not know ....if you have questions ask me here or via FB

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    I think there must be a free app or method as well. Just should search more to find out.

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    you find free game at here : google play store

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