How to get Mud Dragon in DragonVale? Here is the DragonVale Mud Dragon breeding guide and Mud Dragon wiki including Mud dragon type, picture, Mud dragon egg breeding time, Mud dragon egg incubation time, Mud dragon breeding guide, breeding elements, upgraded breed time, Mud dragon breeding xp, income, sale price, Mud dragon combination, cheats, hack, Mud dragon macenstein sale price per breeding time and exp or experience per breeding time.

Mud Dragon
Mud Dragon Type: hybrid dragon
Mud Dragon Breeding Elements: earth, water
Mud Dragon Breeding Time (Incubation): 6:00

Upgraded Breed Time: 4:48
Breeding XP: 10,000
Income (level 10): 35
Sale Price: 250,000
Sale Price / Breeding Time: 694 coins / minute
Exp / Breeding Time: 28 xp / minute

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