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Thread: Dragon City not for Android T_T - Dragon City (View Game Forum)

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    Dragon City not for Android T_T

    Hey everyone! ^_^

    I've recently started playing Dragon City on Facebook, yesterday to be specific, and I'm level 14.

    I have a couple of questions though, the first is at the moment Dragon City appears to be down, my question is Why? Do they do weekly maintenance or is it because of something else? Any information as to why and when it will be back up would be much appreciated.

    The second is does anyone know of any games that are similar to Dragon City and are available as a free download for Androids? Please and Thank you for all of your help.

    Also if you'd like to get two new neighbors, then add

    Me on Facebook
    My Brother on Facebook

    But the main reason I made this thread is because I am new to gamesdreams and I just wanted to say HI ^_^
    I haven't even been on this site for 10 minutes and already I find that I'm really enjoying it, the community is great the forums are full of useful information, and I have to say, being a regular in forums I find the lack of flames delighting. You guys are really awesome and I wish you the best of luck.

    If you want to talk to me or chat about anything then please feel free to do so, I recently made a Yahoo Messenger just so that we can ^_^ my screen name is TylerZumwalt487.

    Thanks a million, you guys are awesome!

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    Welcome, Dean.

    Usually, the maintenance for Dragon City is temporary, and will be available after a while (sometimes is longer).

    There are DragonVale and Dragon Story which is similar to Dragon City game, unfortunately, these 2 games only available on iOS devices. Hopefully DragonVale will be released for Androids soon.

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    The one that I play is called dream zoo...
    It's not completely the same but it's pretty similar.

    The only thing that I will warn you about is that any game like that on you phone is going to drain your battery and can use a lot of internet.

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    There's one called Dragon Story which is available for android too
    Oh and welcome to gamesdreams!

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    another issue you could have is with Flash. Just make sure you've got your Adobe Flash Player up to date(Re: Dragon City seems to be down) as for your second question. I AGREE, Dragon City only on iOS? Come on, if you can make it for Apple, you can make it for android too, right?

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    Dragon story is avaible on android ?

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