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    What is Video Card

    Hello friends, I wanted to know about Video Card, how to fix it
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    The fastest and possibly cheapest way will be to replace it Unless it's a very expensive card, then I'd take it to a repair shop and wouldn't fiddle with it unless you know what to do (and from your question I can see that you don't).

    The only fixable problem with video cards that comes to my mind is a fan replacement, everything else would likely require replacement of the whole card... or alternatively it may cost you just as buying a new one
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    Video card are also called as graphics card. It increase quality of picture. used for playing high end video games.

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    what is video card

    A video card is a PC component that is used to enhance the quality of images showed on a display. It is attached to the motherboard and controls and calculates an image's appearance on the screen. The video card is an intermediate device that accelerates the video throughput.

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