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Thread: Welcome Scratch Mania! Join thousands of people today - show them who's the daddy! - Window Phone Games Chat (View Game Forum)

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    Welcome Scratch Mania! Join thousands of people today - show them who's the daddy!

    Are you tired of association games? Do you find them too easy and boring? Than you should try our Scratch Mania! It is a unique game where you can scratch the screen to reveal a picture underneath. It is time to test your knowledge and guess what is there on the image. Enter an answer and get a reward!

    Hundreds of pictures are allocated to different albums. Choose what to play: cities, auto logos or flowers. Love movies? Try to guess favorite actors! Are you a fruit expert? Challenge yourself! Or are you a sports fan? Your favorite sports team is waiting for you! The number of new albums is constantly growing. So you could easily find a theme you like.

    Don't forget visit us at Facebook and Twitter. Leave us a review or a comment. And do not miss our new albums! We do our best to provide you the most quality content! Scratch Mania team wishes you a pleasant game!

    Download Scratch Mania

    Scratch Mania on: Facebook | Twitter | Official site

    Absolutely no ads. 100% free

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    Hello! That's really beautiful erase effect. Great job!
    Do you plan to release Android/iOS version?

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    Hello Noel! Yes, already developing...

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