Shortly after buying my Nintendo Gamecube, I discovered the Gameboy Player. I always wanted to buy this peripheral for the Gamecube but I never got around to doing so. Now that the Gameboy Player has come back to my memory, I feel compelled to find one and purchase it so I can finally play particular Gameboy games on the big screen through my Gamecube.

The Gameboy Player always reminds me of the Super Gameboy that was a peripheral on the Super Nintendo. Both of these add-ons do the exact same thing which is play popular Gameboy games through a home console. Although I have interest in the Gameboy Player, there were always some questions that I had regarding the add-on. I've always been curious whether or not the Gameboy Player could play classic Gameboy and Gameboy Color games in addition to the Gameboy Advance video games.

If any of the readers of this thread owned a Gameboy Player, please let me know. I'm interested in whether or not I should purchase one.