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    Which game are you interested in?

    Do you a game lover?Which game are you interested in?
    I am a game lover and I like rpg game.My friend recommend me the new kind rpg game one piece 2,op2.joygames.me,it is based on one piece manga.I like Luffy in one piece manga,so I like this game very much.

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    Mario Kart is always fun, but sadly it gets old a little too fast. A few months and I always lose interest. It only takes about a week to accomplish everything there is to do in the game. It just doesn't last long enough for me.

    Pokemon games can last quite a while. If you've ever played a Pokemon game, or a fan of turn-based RPGs, then Pokemon can entertain for months, even years.
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    A browser game I like to play is Blades of Legends it is a RPG game with a good community.If you want to check it bladesoflegends(dot)com/?r=16718

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    I like all kinds of games, would play LoA but it takes up too much of my time

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    There is only one answer - Undecima Wants You!

    Does Diablo still count as RPG? I used to play it quite a lot
    Undecima - the World of Strategy and Battle

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    I love to play strategy games like Boom Beach And Clash Royale.

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    I really like E-sim. E-Sim is a massive multiplayer online game where you can become a businessman, a soldier or a politician. The community is the best part of the game. Because you are a citizen of a country you need to communicate with the other players in order to dicide the future of your country, to coordenate damage, to help each others when help is needed. Its great and i recommend it to everyone
    Join now: primera(.)e-sim(.)org/lan.148072/

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