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    Image [Game][Free] Space Scaven

    Hello everyone! We are indie developers. We want to show you our first game.


    Space Scaven is a physical puzzle game about an engineer, whose job is to collect black boxes on abandoned space stations.

    - 50 space stations;
    - Original soundtrack;
    - Interaction with environment;
    - Equipment: hook - lets you to carry objects, laser pistol remove obstacles, welding set - repair broken facilities;
    - Irrational use of surrounding objects can lead to a dead end or even lethal outcome;
    - When spacewalking or hanging out in a depressurized module - watch your oxygen level.



    Google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...kh.spacescaven

    Have any questions/feedback? White here!
    Thank for your attention!

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    Hi. We have released an update. Added new achievements, fixed a bug with the movement of the earth in Part 5 and small changes. We work on!

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    Hello everyone! Scaven Scaven was updated on Google Play. We fixed some bugs.
    We also now on Greenlight. Please vote for us

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