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    Armored Warfare - WoT in modern times

    Armored Warfare is an arcade MMO plays the armored battle. Production uses a model free of micropayments and developed her studio Obsidian Entertainment.

    The game is set in modern times. That gives the opportunity to guide modern tanks and armored vehicles. The project focuses exclusively on multiplayer battles. Armored Warfare offers a nice variety of modes of play. We can compete against other players in PvP clashes framework or join forces with them in a cooperative campaigns. There are both missions for lone wolves, as well as those requiring close collaboration with comrades in arms.

    The aim of the authors was to provide dynamic network battles, so the gameplay is a arcade and does not put pressure on maximum realism. Although simple control, we put a lot of effort into it to each machine behave differently. Between clashes spend a lot of time on modifying and improving your machines. The whole system offers considerable freedom of choice, so that we can match the equipment to your own style of play.

    Armored Warfare is based on the engine CryEngine. This technology not only ensured a high level of detail, but has also enabled the introduction of battlefields on which it is possible to destroy virtually every visible item. Thanks locations are subject to regular changes, which significantly diversify the course of clashes.
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