hi, a couple years ago i had a facebook game that i absolutely loved. i havent plaayed it since i havent had internet. And now the game is no longer located on my game feed or any where on my facebook. Sadly i cant remember the name. from doing a little research it seems to be somewhat similar to magic valley and charm craft hollow. only it was a real time game. you could see other players avatars and talk to them. travel around your games world. harvest any plants you found... i believe it had some magic components too. you could also farm on your little plot of land but it was not like farm ville. i could even go fishing.. do tons of stuff. please any one help.... if you can think of facebook game names or know someone who is very familiar with their games.... that would be amazing. i played this game around 2012. if it got taken off facebook maybe i can play it elsewhere. i do know it was not a game you could play on your phone. it was facebook only..... PLEASE AND THANK YOU

you may have already read this, if so im sorry. didnt realize there was a forum just for facebook games haha. thanks for reading