How to breed or how to get Fire monster egg in Tiny Monsters? Fire wiki below will give you hints and tips on Tiny Monsters Fire breeding guide, Fire eggs, chart, monster egg hatching time, egg breeding time, how to breed and get Fire mythic version monster, unlock level requirement, xp gained, Tiny Monsters Fire habitats, elements, total food costs, and earning rates for normal monster as well as Fire mythic version monster at level 10.

Fire Monster
Unlock Level Requirement: 1
XP gained: 42
Fire Egg Breeding Time / Egg Hatching Time: 5 seconds
Fire Breeding Guide / Habitats Elements: Fire
Total Food Costs: 1060
Coins Earning Rates at Level 10: 81 (Normal) 85 (Mythic)

The highest chance to get and breed Fire mythic monster is to breed and hybrid 2 Fire monsters or same monsters together. If you know any Tiny Monsters Fire wiki, guide, breeding, useful tips, Fire cheats hack, or ways to get the mythic version, kindly share with us below.

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