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Welcome the righteous Garden Master!
We are grateful to bring you Shikihime Garden, the unique browser-based game of simulation; card combat from Japan, currently with more than 50000 users.
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Love your Shikihime!
Join our Garden of Shikihime, show love and give gifts to Shikihime who talk, eat, sleep and play happily in your garden.
If they faint of hunger, give them delicious rice balls. If they are too naughty, give them bitter medicine instead.
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Create your own garden!
Your garden is not only a place to show your love to Shikihime but also an exhibition place for you to place many decorations such as rice ball shops, flowers, lanterns, statues, etc.!
By building a stage, you can even have all Shikihime gather into one place and start dancing and singing...!?
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Summon and Unity
You can get monster and Shikihime cards by using Power or summon tickets.
In addition, you can obtain rare items by using [Killing Stone Fragment] for [Spirit Stone Summon]
Take good care of Shikihime and subjugate monsters!
Monster cards can be collected by winning battles.
Shikihime grow up and develop stats from the unique combination of cards, then can be unified in [Shikihime Unity] to create brand new Shikihime!

Cooperate with teammates to defeat giant monsters!
Depending on each type of battlefield, you cannot defeat all arising monsters on your own.
That is when you need to cooperate with your teammates to subjugate fierce monsters in support battles.
Besides, giving items to your teammates may lure strong enemies from their hideouts.

During these battles, you even can obtain valuable items which are not available in normal battles!
So try to work with your teammates efficiently.

Underworld Passage
「Underworld Passage」 is a special map that has 20 subjugation points from Floor 1 to Floor 20.
When you complete each Floor, a new quest will be opened, and you can advance to deeper level.
You can receive Underworld Quests that give free Rainbow Ball/Gold Ball or enhancement items as rewards.
So, How many Floors can your Shikihime complete!?
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2-year Anniversary Event - Event for new players

Celebrate 2-year Anniversary:
Check out whatís arriving in the Garden! Koume celebrates the 2-year Anniversary with some new exciting events. Do not miss out on this chance to receive free Rainbow Summon Ticket and other valuable rewards!
Get Free Items For Our Player Appreciation Event!

It's our 2-year anniversary Celebration is upon us and we wanted to give thanks to all of our players by holding a special Player Appreciation Event. With this event we want to show all of our loyal Shikihime Garden players how much we appreciate their support by giving out some free items, even new players can have too!
To collect your FREE Player Appreciation Event gifts, log in any time during the event period.
But thatís not all! For a limited time during the event period, Shikihime Garden is also having a special sale on the Power Charging, you can receive extra bonus 30%!

Helpful Staff
Having a positive experience with our gaming support provider is an important part of quality care.
We help you have the best gaming experience by proving you supports and services that allow you to play the game more efficiently and fun. We are continually focused on finding ways to support our community.

Thanks to your hearty support, our gardens have been filled with super cute Shikihime and our community has been growing steadily.
We are totally grateful for your interest in playing Shikihime Garden.
Best regards,