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    Exclamation Crowfall videos + open beta (free tests!) info

    Crowfall is new PvP MMORPG where players will be physically making their own kingdom (by playing Tetris!) and sieging / destroying enemy forts. First impressions by TheLazyPeon:

    Alpha access is kinda expensive, but there will be open beta i.e. free tests next summer - all needed is free registration on the site. Here is some more early test footage - cartoony looks should enable smooth battles with hundreds of players, collision detection, physics and destruction:

    Recent combat footage:

    Noob girl playing with fire and Centaurs:

    Ranger PvP:

    It's creatures change as seasons go by - say, this is what happens to normal cats from spring to winter:

    Another thing I like about it is - player's identity is tied to the crow-spirit and NOT the body - this will include frequent changes of class, race and sex!? In other words, once you die you'll have to fly and find a new body:

    PS Here is an Imgur album with hundreds of Crowfall images and screenshots - http://imgur.com/a/BcdKz
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    I updated the OP, first impressions by TheLazyPeon:

    ...and recent combat footage:

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