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Thread: Dragonfly Dragon - Dragon City Wiki & Guide (View Game Forum)

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    Dragonfly Dragon

    How to get / breed Dragonfly Dragon in Dragon City game on Facebook? Dragonfly Dragon is a hybrid dragon which can be produced through breeding combination between Plant Dragon & Metal Dragon in Dragon City game.

    Dragonfly Dragon is able to live either in Plant habitat or Metal habitat.

    Besides Dragonfly Dragon, you can view the full list of all Hybrid Dragon breeding guide.

    If you guys have any Dragonfly Dragon related information and images in Dragon City, please share them here.

    Note: There is no guarantee that breeding combination between Metal Dragon & Plant Dragon will give you Dragonfly Dragon, as other dragon may be produced as a result. Also, you may get Dragonfly Dragon through other breeding combinations as well.

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    Weaknesses : Earth and ?

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