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Thread: Family Farm Seaside Add Me, Add Friends, Find Neighbors Forum - Family Farm Seaside (View Game Forum)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Games Dreams View Post
    Looking for Family Farm Seaside add me Facebook group forum to find and add new friends and neighbors? This is the Family Farm Seaside friend finder list or add me page list for you to ask and exchange friend request, find new friends, add neighbors, request allies, get buddies and invite active players on Family Farm Seaside Facebook game.

    Please provide your Facebook profile link in this add me list with some details (such as your activity in game, levels, what gifts you're looking for, how often do you play Family Farm Seaside, etc) instead of just plain link with few words of add me link.

    Add Me Tips: You can show your Facebook profile link (with Facebook icon) below your name and avatar on the left by clicking the top right Setting > Edit Profile > and insert your Facebook Profile link. This allows gamers who are playing this game or similar games like Family Farm Seaside to find and add you fast and easy in this Family Farm Seaside forum.
    Please add me need friends to play CMZYJAE thanks

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    Add me. I play daily! ANZSMBV

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    Neighbors please add ALDHWUH
    Play daily...check farm every hour
    Thanks you.


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    Please add: DUOPIWQ and can I get my neighbors to go by and fertilize my crops (mainly the tomatoes-in the middle, straight line). Also like please. Thank you

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    Plz add!
    Daily player!

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    Please add me daily player. CEDETUQ

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    ADD: DUOPIWQ I'm @ level 21, play daily will send what you ask of me. Also please fertilize crops & like farm. Thank you

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    Please add!!! I play daily and send gifts!


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    Add me BOKUNOZ, I send gifts and visit neighbors everyday!

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    Please add my farm AYKMWMB

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    Please add me DDRZODB.....DAILY PLAYER AND I GIFT.

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    Please add me ACEFHDA, level 53 and please like my farm, add my husbands farm AGCCMRF level 31.
    Sending gifts daily

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    Please add any of these 3 farms: ATZQTEJ, AYKMWMB and AHYWLUT. Thanks, and see you on Family Farm

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    Add me CFCKBL

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    Add me DWBIZSU daily player

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