Trophy Hunting is one of the achievements that you can get in Diablo III. Listed below is a brief description of the Trophy Hunting achievement. How to obtain the Trophy Hunting achievement and the rewards in getting the Trophy Hunting achievement.

Trophy Hunting - Kill one of each type of rare enemy in hardcore mode: Ravenous Dead, Skeleton, Hungry Corpse, Scavenger, Retching Cadaver, Imp, Harvester, Skeletal Archer, Savage Beast, Quill Demon, Enraged Phantom, Returned Archer, Arachnid Horror, Dark Cultist, Unholy Thrall, Dark Berserker, Disentombed Hulk, Savage Fiend, Lacuni Huntress, Fallen, Fallen Overseer, Bone Warrior, Cave Wing, Vicious Ghoul, Frenzied Hellion, Betrayed, Skeletal Ranger, Skeletal Sentry, Noxious Guardian, Dune Dervish, Serpent Magus, Fallen Peon, Fallen Cur, Fallen Conjurer, Spine Hewer, Accursed, Murderous Fiend, Brood Hatchling, Lacuni Slasher, Sand Dweller, Ancient Walker, Reaper, Dust Imp, Smoldering Construct, Charged Construct, Sand Behemoth, Fallen Hellhound, Demon Trooper, Fallen Grunt, Fallen Prophet, Fallen Slavelord, Fallen Soldier, Demonic Hellflyer, Colossal Golgor, Soul Ripper, Skeletal Marauder, Skull Cleaver, Skull Sword, Herald of Pestilence, Blood Clan Warrior, Wintersbane Huntress, Stygian Crawler, Blood Clan Occultist, Hulking Phasebeast, Succubus, Subjugator, Armaddon, Darksky Fire Demon, Morlu Legionnaire, Morlu Incinerator, Armored Destroyer, Enslaved Nightmare - You must kill at least one rare enemy of each type to get this achievement - 10 Achievement points and a banner sigil

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