Recently ,the dark soul 3 have released for weeks, my friend bruce who a crazy dark soul gamer recommend me play the dark soul 3 with him ,say that the game is suit me ,and than ,follow his recommend ,I bougth game from scdkey shop ,from the time ,I started my dark soul advanture ,

the game is so cool and magic that I spend much time and money to play the game ,I study the guides of the game from game forums and youtube channel ,twitch , what is most important is that getting more useful tips from bruce , I'm addicted to this game and can't control myself ,but the examing was around the corner ,my mother ask me spend time to
prepare the exam ,she was very angry ,when she found me play the game at deep night,but i can't control myself to play the game ,she condemn me that i don't prepare well for the next exam ,she was very disappointed for me ,the dispute was more and more deeper,

As my mother said ,I had a poor exam for play the dark soul game ,i am very regret for not to follow my mother advice to prepare the exam ,my mother are unconcerned to me ,which make me sad ,and depression, what should I do to get the forgiving from my mother ,How to get her mother's trust ? please give me some help,,,,