A Unique Collection is one of the achievements that you can get in Diablo III. Listed below is a brief description of the A Unique Collection achievement. How to obtain the A Unique Collection achievement and the rewards in getting the A Unique Collection achievement.

A Unique Collection - Kill all of the following unique enemies: Ebenezer Samuel, Ragus Grimlow, Mange, Lucious the Depraved, Drury Brown, Cudgelarm, Firestarter, Merrium Skullthorn, Bellybloat the Scarred, Captain Cage, Dreadclaw the Leaper, Fecklar's Ghost, Qurash the Reviled, Rathlin the Widowmaker, Venimite, Zhelobb the Venomous, Logrut the Warrior, Lorzak the Powerful, Red Rock, Sarella the Vile, Jezeb the Conjuror, Saha the Slasher, Gart the Mad, Ashek, Razormouth, Beyatt, , Yeth, High Cultist Murdos, Sammash, Shondar the Invoker, Hazzor the Viper, Torsar, Otzi the Cursed, Stinging Death Swarm, Yakara, Blarg the Imp, Bloodfeather, Raiha the Vicious, Hellscream, Mage Lord Flaydren, The Archivist, Mage Lord Caustus, Mage Lord Ghuyan, Mage Lord Skomara, Thrum, Growlfang, Marchocyas, Bashface the Truncheon, Captain Dale, Thornback, Axegrave the Executioner, Belagg Pierceflesh, Gugyn the Gauntlet, Vicious Gray Turkey, Dreadgrasp, Mehshak the Abomination, Blarg the Foul, Chiltara, Direclaw the Demonflyer, Lummock the Brute, Shandra'Har, Gormungandr, Severclaw, Charuch the Spear, Demonika the Wicked, Gholash, Riplash, The Crusher, Hyrug the Malformed, Haxxor, Axgore the Cleaver, Gorog the Bruiser, Khatun, Veshan the Fierce, Torchlighter, Kysindra the Wretched, Pyres the Damned, Slarg the Behemoth, Grimnight the Soulless, Haures, Rhau'Kye, Sao'Thall - You have to kill all the rare enemies listed in order to get this achievement - 10 Achievement points

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