Evolution of your monsters in Terra Monsters will have its appearance and size changed, as well as increase in stats, learning of new skills and attacks. Here are the requirements on how to evolve your creatures in Terra Monsters:

How to evolve creatures in Terra Monsters:

  • You will have to meet the requirement level of the evolution
  • Sufficient evolution points have to be obtained
  • You will have to take care well your monsters by cleaning and feeding them
  • 1 evolution point will be gained each day when you have your creatures well maintained and the day older bar reached zero

Additional tips and guide:

  • All creatures will start to evolve when they reach level 15 (with the exception of Pandemite that will evolve when you reached level 16)
  • Dozer monster and Chipmunkey monster will not undergoing evolution
  • You can utilize Ranch Helper to help you in the feeding and cleaning process