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    Rare fish

    Answer from: Darkwolf8310
    Nemo's Reef : How to Attract Fish

    Rare Fish:

    Green Parrotfish = Green Thalassia (from Mystery Seed)
    Green Seahorse = Green Seaweed Cluster
    Brown Seadragon = Orange Straight Seaweed and Green Straight Seaweed near each other
    Yellow Lionfish = Amber Sea Nymph (from Mystery Seed)
    Green Trumpetfish = Bright Green Thalassodendron (from Mystery Seed)
    Orange Dusky Batfish = Orange Water Hyssop Flowers (from Mystery Seed)
    Yellow Dusky Batfish = Yellow Thalassia (from Mystery Seed)
    Green Dusky Batfish = Green Sea Grapes
    White Clown Frogfish = White Sea Nymph (from Mystery Seed)
    Yellow Jellyfish = 3 Yellow Pillows
    Pink Emperor Angelfish = Pink water Hyssop Flowers
    Green Emperor Angelfish = Olive Halimeda Plant
    Orange Mandarinfish = Orange Kelp on Rock
    Short Brown Seamoth = Brown Himanthalia Elongata
    Orange Lionfish = Pastel Orange Halimeda Plant
    Red Trumpetfish = Maroon Sea Grapes
    White Seadragon = 2 White Seaflowers next to each other
    White Seahorse = Place a Silver Bubble Coral surrounded by rocks near the edge of the reef
    Light Blue Jellyfish = Rose Seabed next to Heap of Stone (add rocks if it doesn't appear)
    Yellow Octopus = 2 Light Green Marine Shrubs, 2 Yellow Marine Shrubs, 2 Small Shells, Flat Rock and 2 Rocks
    Red Seahorse = Bright Green Marine Bonsais next to each other
    Red Octopus = Red Cirripathes and Lilac Cirripathes next to each other
    Pink Jellyfish = Pink sponges, Pink Marine Shrubs and Pink Sea Blossoms near each other

    Giant Brown Grass next to Purple Marine Shrub = small purple fish
    Yellow Table Plant next to Heap of Stones = small yellow and white striped fish

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    Next time you post content from another site, you may want to post a link to said site or at least specify the source.
    This is exactly, word by word what is written in our Nemo's Reef review at Gamer's Intuition.

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