Hello there everyone thanks for taking the time to read this message.

Chaos City is a free online text based RPG game based in the criminal life you aim is to start out with pretty much nothing and have to work your way up to become the best of them all.

Our game works on any device that can run a web browser so no downloads required and we will never ask you to download anything either.

We have friendly staff and new features added i will be honest the game is pretty dead we have like 3 players but we are less than a year old and still trying to get some extra life to this game.

# Game Features #

* Custom gang system can purchase gang and do gang crimes.

* Single user crimes

* Gym which you can train your base stats (Strength,Defense,Speed)

* Shops to buy new weapons armour and other items.

* Hourly rewards for playing the game.

and much much more.

Come check us out at chaoscityrpgDOTcom (sorry about link as new member cant post it )