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    Help me find this game

    I was playing lucktastic and it showed an ad for a really cool game! But then the ad was over and it was gone and there was no way to find the game and it did not display the name of it! So, I was hoping someone on here knew about it. It displayed a few characters going up to a group of trees and chopping at them which then turned into 3 logs which they then picked up and brought over to an area where they built a building of some sort. It showed a couple buildings and one had an upgrade symbol over it. It showed buildings being built like a village and that was it. It cut off after that. This seems like a really cool game anybody know what it is?

    I forgot to mention that the graphics were very good. Almost like a pc game. Pretty realistic. Not cartoon style like most games.
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    you can find game at here:gamesfreedownload.mobi

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    Maybe it's that 2014 game - Banished. Basically, you manage a village, assign tasks and try to make it through the winter. It is a great, but fairly difficult game, so don't get your hopes up. That being said, the game is absolutely beautiful and quite realistic.

    Let me know if that's it.

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    You can visit the online game stores.

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