The Field Bet is that players can put in the game of craps. It is one of the more famous wagers at online casino Malaysia due to its clarity. Yet, it is also tricky in a sense. Hence, it is useful that players know this wager completely before employing it. The clarity of the Field Bet stems from two reasons. The first reason is that the bet can be placed anytime. It can be put before the come out roll or after the point is rooted. Players need not keep such reasons in mind. The second reason for the clarity is that the bet is decided in a single roll. The player put the wagers, the dice are twisted and the player either wins or loses. The wager is not carried forward. In online casino Malaysia the chips are put in the field box which is a huge area marked out on the layout. Newbie players of online casino Malaysia are always deceived by the Field Bet. There are 11 possible numbers that can be rolled with two dice in a game of craps. Seven of these numbers result in a win in the Field Bet. Four of these numbers result in a loss in the Field Bet. Thus inexperienced players argue that the chance of winning is twice that of losing. But this argument is deceptive. Players have to consider how many ways each number can be twisted. The losing numbers have many more ways in which they can be twisted than the other numbers. The total number of outcomes of the two dice is 36. The four losing numbers can be twisted in 20 ways and the eleven winning numbers can be rolled only in 16 ways. Since 2 and 12 pay out at 2 to 1 it is identical to 18 winning ways as against 20 losing ways. This gives a house edge of 5.55%. The rest of bets in online craps that have a much less house edge. In any event if a player is willing to settle for such a large house edge he should be playing online slots were at least he can hope for very high payouts and have a lot of fun in the pact. If at all players want to wager on the Field Bet they should place at online casino Malaysia that giving a payout of 3 to 1 for either 2 or 12. This cut off the house edge to 2.7%. At this level the house edge is still more than that offered by the best bets in craps. But it can be accepted for wagering seldom and with smaller total.
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