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Ghosts and spirits, wayward souls, phantoms and scary monsters have come to our world in advance of HALLOWEEN night. Open the curtain to the other world, become a demon hunter or a ghost buster, using Ghost GO Detector. Now you can see them, explore who have come from a portal into another realm.

Find and capture ghosts trapped in our world, as you upgrade your weapon, you'll be able to catch more powerful ghosts, and don't forget to bend your knees a little bit! start your Halloween party right now, a simple walk can turn into a hunt full of nightmares.

Start your hunt:
- WALK around and find ghosts
- TEST your ghostbusting gear, track ghosts
- COLLECT your own ghosts

Don't be too scared, now you can become the part of their world as they are the part of yours

- Perfect HALLOWEEN app just imagine the reaction of your friends!
- Collect ECTOPLASM to upgrade your weapon
- Different types of GHOSTS and none of them are friendly, cute, little ghosts

Download the game from App Store right now to get a special Halloween gift from developers - 100 coins to kickstart the action!