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    Morrowind on Android

    First I'd like to start out saying I'm new so if i posted this in the wrong place don't berate me about it , best ringtones. Anyways I was wondering if it is possible to get Morrowind to run on android because most phones can run games graphically superior to Morrowind(Earth and Legends) and we have seen that a console game can be ported quite well on android(GTA III). instrumental ringtones
    I do however doubt that Betheseda will actually think much less try this idea because of how they are always said to make games that are "broken" or severely bugged but i was wondering if maybe the mod community may try to take a crack at this The only problems i can possibly imagine with this idea(since i have a layman understanding of game design) are the button configuration being very awkward and that the game may suffer from constant loading screens since Morrowind is quite huge. Any input,ideas or explaining why this can't work would be greatly appreciated.
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