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    Which SNES Game Was Your First?

    I remember when I first got my Super Nintendo system. It was on my 9th birthday and it happened to be my birthday present. I opened it immediately and ran off to my room to play the game. I ended up playing for hours. My very first Super Nintendo game was Donkey Kong Country. In fact, the Super Nintendo that was purchased as my gift had Donkey Kong Country come along with it.

    I couldn't ask for a better game. Donkey Kong Country really was amazing and it was fantastic for its time. The graphics were amazing and the fun factor was off the charts. I spent so much time after my birthday playing it that I had to be forced away from the game system. There is always something about your first game on a video game system that makes it one of your favorites. I still own my copy of Donkey Kong Country and it's with my SNES. Whenever I want to play it, I pull it out and I relive the memories.

    What SNES game was your first game? Did you really enjoy it?

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    My first SNES game was Rise Of The Robots hehe
    Only 4 fighters, hundreds hours of fun

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