Super Plumber Runner World
This is a 80's style retro Run and Jump adventure with cool graphics! Unlock crazy characters such as Zombies, Santa, escaped convicts and plumbers by collecting coins! Just tap to make your characters hop across the screen.
Quick Rules:
Tap once to Jump
Double Tap to jump higher...Tap again for a super jump!
Make the Punk Rock Zombie do the pogo and grab coins!
Can Santa run far enough to save Christmas in this jumper game ?
Watch the Candy Cane dash along and avoid enemies.
Welcome to the world of Super Plumber Runner and his friends. Collect enough coins and you will unlock many characters such as Santa, Zombies, Christmas Candy Cane and Prisoner. Also weird and zombie Super Plumber man.
Dash along defeat enemies and collect far can you go?
Pick ups stars and become invincible in this addicting endless runner game!
Link To Download: