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Thread: My Return to PSP Modding and My Proper Entrance to the PSP Scene - PSP Chat (View Game Forum)

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    My Return to PSP Modding and My Proper Entrance to the PSP Scene

    Hi im looking at geting back into messing around with my PSP.

    Back in 2011 i got my PSP 1002 which i ended up installing PRO B-9 to play backups and then PRO B-10 as i was looking to get plugins working, at the time i couldnt find much info about cfw on 6.60 and only on the older versions but i mostly knew what i was doing.
    Last year i retuned to my psp and for reasons i can not rember atm i updated to 6.61 then installed the first PRO cfw i could find without much research or looking on fourms.
    A month after that i desied to flash it.

    Now in 2017 i have desided to unflash it and look the diffenet CFW's and actually join the PSP community for the first time.
    So Hi im FireStriker a Aussie 17 year old who is intresed in computers and gaming.

    Now i have out of the way i dont know if its worth it to downgrade to 6.60 or not.
    I know i want to setup a dual CFW with PRO and ME/LME. Im think of useing ME as the base CFW and flashing it but i would like to have suport for PSN.

    Im also looking to expand my storage from my 4GB SanDisk to an adapter, if anyone can recomand a good reliable adapter that would be nice thanks it so hard to find the memory cards now days.

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