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Thread: What Was Your Favorite Playstation game? - PlayStation Chat (View Game Forum)

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    What Was Your Favorite Playstation game?

    I loved when I first got my Playstation. I had a pretty great library of video games for it also. My brother and I would play the Playstation for long periods of time and we never got tired of it. The system was one of my favorites because it had some pretty cool games. I always thought that it was hard to pick out which game was my absolute favorite game for the Playstation, but I think that I can pick one game that's close enough to being a favorite of mine.

    Tekken 3 was the second Tekken game that I ever played. While I loved playing Tekken 2, when I first saw Tekken 3 I was stunned and it quickly became my favorite game on the Playstation. I had this love for playing Tekken Force mode and I'd spend the majority of my time playing that or Tekken Ball. For a fighting game, it had a great roster and the extra modes were a plus. I couldn't help but love Tekken 3.

    So, what was your favorite Playstation game?

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    Chocobo Racing is definitely one of my favorite PlayStation game. Final Fantasy series are considered best PS games as well.

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    Final Fantasy vii
    tomb raider iii
    resident evil (the first one)

    These are the games, that I think, truly revolutionized the playstation 1 console. And also, they are great!!

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