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    A gamers dilemma...

    I am having a dilemma.

    After hammering about a billion hours into The Witcher 3 (feels like in anyway!) and loving every moment I’ve hit a crossroads…. I‘ve come to the sad realisation that I don’t have a huge amount of time to play video games anymore and I need to make a decision.

    I have a huge list of RPG’s I started and never finished including FF12, FF13 (all 3), FF-Type 0, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Fallout NV, Skyrim as well as Star Wars KOTOR on PC and Dragon Age Inquisition I bought on launch day and still haven’t even loaded on my Xbox One

    I have an ever growing list of new Xbox One games, some of which I haven’t even begun and I really need to start playing them as I feel I’m missing out as well as wasting money. The last thing I want is to get into the situation like last console generation where I have a list as long as the above of RPG’s I never finished, let alone other games I didn’t even have time to start! So I’ve come up with an idea that goes against my ‘gaming morals’ but may just be a solution so I don’t get stuck in the last console generation predicament all over again…

    My idea is I stick to one main RPG at a time, but then pick other action, shooter, platformers, horror games etc. that are shorter and smash through them on ‘EASY’. I hate this idea, as I’ve never played games on easy mode as I like a decent challenge at least (usually play normal or whatever it’s set on as standard) but my thinking is I will get through them loads quicker and still get to experience the story, settings and characters. Its a hell of a compromise as I imagine EASY or CASUAL is ridiculously simple and possibly boring but the alternative is possibly never getting round to playing the games anyway.

    So my question is, would this be a sad but necessary solution or absolute sacrilege…?
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    Hi there! I totally understand your dilemma and itís indeed a pretty complex situation! However, just like any other problem, you will have to find a solution to it sooner or later. I suppose that itís all about using the right platform to stay entertained! Consoles deliver quality, but mobile will give you the chance to have fun on the go. Think about this option!

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