Life of Black Tiger PS4 was converted to match PS4 version that the mobile game released in 2014. Life of Black Tiger is action adventure game, Itís a downloaded more than about 1.5 million worldwide and have received 4.0 rating higher in App Store & Google Store. The story of the game is about a black tiger, born as a variant and abandoned by his parents and brothers, fights against human and shows his love to his family.

1. Game Features
1) Superb background and 3D graphics
2) Realistic and exciting missions,
3) A large amount of various animals

2. Game Mode
1) Life Story Mode : About 40 mission play with touching storylines. Can be play in interesting and dramatic story mode in black tiger view.
2) Open Mission Mode : Can be play again that complete missions in the Life story mode
3) Multi Participate in PvP Mode : A PVP combat with players from all over the world in real-time. After clearing all story missions, black tiger will be supplied for free in multi play.
4) Upgrade Animals Menu: Upgrading the ability of striking power, defensive power, speed will make it a monster with unlimited power. Players can be select PvP Animals - crocodiles, wolves, bison, buffalo, eagle, human, deer, sheep, wild dogs, rhinos, fish, elephant, pig, tiger, leopard, giraffe, rabbit, squirrel, chicken, fox, bear etcÖ

3. Game Mission

● Human hunting

They are relaxing on the frozen river. Hunt them and their hunting dogs.

● A female tiger

Right after saving me, she leaves for her own way. Follow her back not to be far away.

● Invasion by a bear

A bear is threatening the pregnant female tiger. Letís go back and defeat the bear.

● My loving family

Letís take the female tiger and my little baby in the forest. Iíll teach the path in the forest to my baby.

● Crazy wild dogs

Crazy wild dogs by starving followed the smell of my baby and threatening my family. Letís defeat them with the female tiger.

● Starvation

We couldnít eat anything for a while. But there will be animal corpse somewhere. Letís avoid poisoned rotten animals and find fresh ones to fill our stomach.

● Relations

A leopard is running from human. Letís defeat human with the leopard together. (Ellipsis)

4. Reward Systems
Players can get paid points according a completed time of Life Story Mode. These points can be used animal characters upgrade of player at Multi Mode.