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    New Player advice sought on games

    Hi All,

    My first day at ps4. I want to purchase 2-3 games. Can you help me to choose games on below scenarios based on your experience

    1. Need best game on military/war, where jets, navy, submarines , helicopters, rocket launchers etc are part of the mission?

    2. Need best game which is addictive and highly enjoyable?

    3. Game for my 7 yr old daughter that she can enjoy and is not very difficult?

    I could find these games over internet, not sure which one to select and which version?
    auto theft
    battlefield 4
    The Witcher 3
    blood borne
    metal gear solid 5

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    Advice don't buy PS4 till PS5 comes out since it won't be able to play games from PS4 since they plan on using different operating system

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