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Thread: How Wii U 3rd party support was killed of by the fans - Nintendo Wii Chat (View Game Forum)

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    How Wii U 3rd party support was killed of by the fans

    This is something that bothered me for a while. Nintendo fans basically buy Nintendo games only. They only ever buy 3rd party games, when there is a lack of 1st party. "Why should I bother with Rayman, if I can get Mario?", "Why should I bother with Sonic racing if I can get Mario kart?", etc.
    And then companies like Ubisoft take a lot of effort, money and time to port most of their best-selling games to Wii U like Rayman, Assasin's Creed, Watch Dogs, etc. But Nintendo fans go like "Ubisoft is just making crappy ports so they could prove that they do not sell on the Wii U and stop supporting it." That is like the stupidest conspiracy theory ever. Who the hell would spend millions of dollars just to prove that their games do not sell?
    I played Zombi U, A. Creed 4, Batman Arkham City, etc. and they are great. Maybe they are not as good as the PS3/4/Xbox whatever counterparts, but I'll never know, because I only have a Wii U. Honestly, how many Wii U owners had a PS3 before? I doubt the number is that high.
    Then there are all the comments about wanting the new Mass Effect on Switch, but clearly noone bothered to buy Mass Effect 3 on Wii U.
    If you look at all the "top Wii U games" videos on YT, they barely ever include anything but 1st party.
    Honestly, compared to A. Creed 4, the upcoming Zelda: Bow looks like a tech demo.
    I get the "I do not care about those games" comments. Nintendo fans have a different taste than the Sony crowd, they like different games. But it is annoying that Wii U owners complain about the lack of 3rd party, even though no one buys anything even when they come out.
    I think the same story will happen again with Switch as well. Not because of Nintendo does not try, but because of the fans who do not buy.
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