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Thread: PSP 2000 semi bricked? - PSP Chat (View Game Forum)

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    PSP 2000 semi bricked?

    Hi all,

    just bought a 2nd hand PSP 2000. Physical appearance is good however it does not boot to XMB.

    - boot stops at "waves"
    - cannot be switched off normally (hold off few seconds) but only hard off (hold off 20 or so seconds)
    - can boot to recovery menu
    - I toggle (switch on USB mode) and connect to PC, but no files (without mem stick inserted)...

    How can I recover? And how, what menu item(s) to execute?
    Do I have to know the CFW version? Do I have to have a Memory stick with a piece of software in the PSP? ...?

    I got this 2nd hand, so I do not have more info than what I described.
    I do have another PSP 1000 working, so I can format/ prepare a mem stick...

    I think the PSP is not trash... and can be revived...right?
    Any help highly appreciated!
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